About Our Company

About Us

We are glad to welcome you and are ready to make your trip fabulous and fascinating in the charming corners of Georgia. The team of ManGo Georgia gives its travellers an unlimited love, warmth and care! An individual approach to every vacationer, where everything is thought through to trifles - will make your trip unforgettable and bright as a Mango fruit, a pleasant aftertaste that will remain for a long time in your memory.

The philosophy of our company is based on the Georgian wisdom: Each guest is a messenger of God!

Accordingly, all the best and precious is given to our guests.

Jimi Shalikashvili

Our Team 

   Jimi Shalikashvili

Jimmy Shalikashvili is the founder-CEO of the inbound tour operator ManGo Georgia. He has more than 10 years experience in tourism, 6 years experience in hotels  management.  In former-life he was Ceo of different local and global companies which operated in real estate. He has deep knowledge and practice in leadership, team building, business strategy, innovation and workflow.  His love of nature, travel and new sensations created ManGo Georgia which offers you to tast Georgia.

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